Big Things are Happening

2.6.5 release features…

Animated NEXRAD

New! Animated NEXRAD is now available. View an animation of sequential NEXRAD images to view the motion and evolution of past or current storms.

2.6.5 also features…

New Branding

We updated our logo and launcher icons to blend well with the incredible experience available with DroidEFB. With easily recognizable shapes and colors, these new icons will stand out in the crowd. Our integrated suite of apps unites visually and experientially into your flying adventure.

And to top it all off…

We upgraded your user experience to be compatible with edge-to edge displays, now found on modern devices.

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See how DroidEFB works with X-Plane Flight Simulator

New DroidEFB Feature Video

If not playable in your browser, view DroidEFB feature video here

Upon release of DroidEFB v. 2.5.8, we have released a quick updated feature video. We hope you enjoy the video and DroidEFB!

DroidEFB and Open Flight Solutions Partner To Reduce GA Costs, Enhance Safety

Oshkosh, WI – DroidEFB, the leading electronic flight bag application for the Android mobile platform, and Open Flight Solutions, makers of the popular multi-function FlightBox ADS-B and GPS receiver today announced the formation of a strategic partnership to provide a simpler and more integrated flight experience.

With a common goal to serve customers and expand service, we are working to deliver high quality products and features including:

  • Adding FlightBox status and firmware update functionality to DroidEFB
  • Using FlightBox as a gateway between DroidEFB and autopilots
  • Incorporate upcoming FlightBox features and upgrades in DroidEFB

“DroidEFB and FlightBox serve a similar segment of the aviation market. By creating a comprehensive integration, Open Flight and DroidEFB can help improve aviation safety at a price point every pilot can afford,” said Steve Sokol, founder and CEO of Open Flight Solutions. “The current version of FlightBox offers ADS-B weather and traffic, WAAS GPS, attitude and altitude. Upcoming enhancements to the two products will provide an aircraft equipped with a complete set of backup instruments, adding the equivalent of a modern EFIS to a legacy aircraft for a fraction of the current cost.”

“Our combined resources will enhance our ability to innovate and deliver a unique combination of mobile products,” said Paul Coleman, CEO of DroidEFB.

Integration efforts will get underway following AirVenture 2017, with the goal of producing an initial release in the fall of 2017. Additional features and integrations will follow.

About DroidEFB, LLC – The DroidEFB flight planning and navigation application for Android is owned and managed by a dedicated team of pilots and software engineers. The name reflects our longstanding focus and expertise: creating the best app available focused on Android devices. We are committed to providing a product that is technologically advanced and easy to use, with consistent, reliable updates and improvements.

About Open Flight Solutions – Open Flight Solutions, based in Liberty, Missouri, is dedicated to the idea that aviation technology does not have to be expensive. Open Flight’s premier product is FlightBox, a multi-function ADS-B receiver which has changed the market dynamics for portable avionics.

DroidEFB to Exhibit at SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In Expo in April

Company to Demonstrate New Capability with Stratux ADS-B Receiver at Show

DroidEFB, the leading aviation navigation and in flight support app for Android devices, will be exhibiting at the SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In and Expo convention. SUN ‘n FUN, Florida’s largest aviation air show will be held on April 5 -10 at Lakeland-Linder Regional Airport. DroidEFB provides pilots with real-time situational awareness via a GPS moving map and this year will be exhibiting at the show in partnership with Open Flight Solutions, makers of the FlightBox ADS-B receiver kit based on the popular Stratux open source software project.

Based on strong demand from users, DroidEFB recently released Version 2.1.1 that adds official support for Stratux ADS-B software. At SUN ‘n FUN, the DroidEFB team will demonstrate its new ADS-B capability via integration with FlightBox, an ADS-B receiver that runs the free, open source Stratux software.

Two Android Tablets Loaded with DroidEFB to be Given Away at SUN ‘n FUN

droidefb-flightbox-appThe DroidEFB team will be at booths N-058, N-059, N-064, N-065. Stop by for a chance to win an Android tablet complete with a FlightBox ADS-B Receiver running Stratux ADS-B Software. Visitors to the booth will be able to have hands-on access to demo the Android tablets running DroidEFB and experience in real-time how the app functions with the Stratux/FlightBox ADS-B unit.

“We are happy to be able to provide integration with the Stratux/FlightBox receiver and partner with them at one of the largest aviation shows in the nation,” said Director of Engineering, Jacek Duda. “Our team worked hard to ensure that the newest version was ready for SUN ‘n FUN. We are very excited to demonstrate our new ADS-B compatibility with the Stratux/FlightBox ADS-B Unit. It’s a significant enhancement to go along with our other great app features: real-time weather, traffic, TFRs, and other flight data for Android devices,” continued Jacek.

Jacek commented further, “While participating in this event for the last 3 years, we have found that allowing customers to interface with DroidEFB on an actual Android tablet was the best way for them to fully explore all our features. We are also able to gain keen insights on how to improve our application through our customer’s hands-on feedback while using DroidEFB. With our new version and Stratux/FlightBox we are bringing an even more complete customer experience this year.”

About DroidEFB, LLC:

DroidEFB, LLC is owned and managed by the pilots and software engineers who filled a void for a high-quality, full-featured aviation navigation app for Android mobile devices. Formally known as Avilution’s AviationMaps, DroidEFB provides real-time GPS integrated with aviation charts to display current location. The app provides NEXRAD weather, winds aloft, AIRMETs and SIGMETs as well as terminal procedures/plates, airport and taxi diagrams, chart supplements, flight planning, weight & balance and a slew of other features.

For more information about DroidEFB, please visit their website at:

About Open Flight Solutions:

Open Flight Solutions is the maker of FlightBox, an ADS-B receiver quick-build kit based on the popular Stratux project. FlightBox provides in-flight weather, traffic, and WAAS GPS for a fraction of the cost of other ADS-B systems. The kits are designed to assemble in five to ten minutes using only common household tools. No computer or electronics skills are required.

For more information about FlightBox, please see:

DroidEFB Launches Upgrade With Stratux ADS-B Capability

DroidEFB, the leading aviation in-flight navigation and support app for Android devices, announced a new version of their product, now offering support for ADS-B receivers based on the Stratux open source software project . DroidEFB provides pilots with real-time situational awareness via a GPS moving map integrated with both VFR and IFR aviation charts. The […]