Choose Path to External Storage

If you have ran out of memory on your devices selected storage location or simply want to save chart and database files to another location, please follow the below instructions.
NOTE: It may be necessary to delete other applications and data to make room for the DroidEFB application and data.
1. Navigate to Menu > Preferences > Device Settings > Storage Location.  NOTE:  Restart app after making changes.
2. Navigate to your devices Files manager application.  This may also be accomplished by plugging your device into a computer via USB.
3. Select the storage location no longer being used to store DroidEFB data; Internal SD or External SD.
4. Navigate to the Android folder.
5. Open the Data folder and DELETE com.droidefb.play and/or com.droidefb.web.  Both folders exist only if DroidEFB has been installed to your device from the Google Play Store and our website.