X-Plane Setup

X-Plane Setup

X Plane Simulator Integration:

The following procedure outlines steps required to integrate an Android tablet running DroidEFB via WiFi with a computer running X-Plane for experimentation at home!

1.  Install X-Plane version 10 or higher on your PC.  A time limited demo is available from x-plane.com


  1. To start, grab the charging cord that came with your device. Otherwise, be sure you have a data transfer cord.

1. Plug in your AndroidTM device to your Windows or Mac computer.

2. Swipe down your Notification Shade and select “Charging this device via USB”.

3. Then select “USB Tethering”

4. Hop on your computer and start up X-Plane.

5. Select “Settings”

7. With X-Plane running, launch DroidEFB and choose X-Plane as the GPS source.

8. Then, select “Data Output”

NOTE: X-Plane 11 setup is the same as X-Plane 10 but the interface looks a little different and is more streamlined.  Please see screenshot for visual on how to setup X-Plane 11.

X-Plate 11 Setup