X-Plane Setup

X-Plane Setup

X Plane Simulator Integration:

The following procedure outlines steps required to integrate an Android tablet running DroidEFB via WiFi with a computer running X-Plane for experimentation at home!

1.  Install X-Plane version 10 or higher on your PC.  A time limited demo is available from x-plane.com

2.  Enable X-Plane as a Data Source within DroidEFB by touching the Main Menu > Preferences > Device Settings > Support X-Plane as Data Source.

3.  Restart DroidEFB and write down the IP address for your tablet, which will be displayed briefly during the boot-up process.

4.  Under X-Plane, Settings -> Data Input & Output, select 3 (speeds), 17 (pitch, roll, headings), 19 (mag compass) and 20 (lat, lon, altitude) and verify “Internet via UDP” and “Internet” are enabled.

5.  Adjust UDP rate to 2.0/sec to eliminate erratic heading behavior.

6. Under X-Plane, Settings > Net Connections > Data, put the IP address of your phone or tablet (determined in step 2) and set the port number to 49000.

7. With X-Plane running, launch DroidEFB and choose X-Plane as the GPS source.

NOTE: X-Plane 11 setup is the same as X-Plane 10 but the interface looks a little different and is more streamlined.  Please see screenshot for visual on how to setup X-Plane 11.

X-Plate 11 Setup