Share Flight Plan

Share Flight Plan


Use DroidEFB to quickly convert a flight plan into a text string and share it using SMS text or email.

1. After loading or creating a flight plan, select Menu > Share Flight Plan …

2. The first time “Share Flight Plan …” is selected, a prompt will be displayed to select a default action, i.e. an SMS or Email app.

3. After selecting the desired app to use for sharing flight plans, that app will open and the flight plan string will automatically be pasted into the body of the message.  A subject will also be automatically generated for apps requiring a subject line.

NOTE: User defined waypoints are automatically converted to decimal coordinates.

4. Once the recipient receives the message containing the flight plan, long-press and drag the handles to highlight content to be copied to the clipboard.

5. Open the DroidEFB Flight Plan Tab and long-press in the waypoint entry field for an option to paste content from clipboard.

NOTE: Coordinates will be automatically converted to user defined waypoints if there is a close match in the User Waypoints list.

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