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DroidEFB – The Premier Aviation Navigation App for Android Devices

DroidEFB 2.6.2 now available for download on your Android device!

Pilots now have an excellent aviation navigation and flight planning app for their Android devices.

For more information on features and benefits of DroidEFB, please click here.

Flight Test DroidEFB – 30 Day Free Trial!
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To fully appreciate all the features in our Electronic Flight Bag for Android, try the DroidEFB Pilot Navigation App for 30 days at no cost or obligation:

  • En-Route GPS Navigation Via Moving Map
  • Aviation Weather and NEXRAD Radar
  • Translated TAF and METAR
  • Geo-referenced Approach Plates and Taxi Diagrams
  • ADS-B Capability
  • Make Notes Right on Charts and Approach Plates
  • Weight & Balance
  • Fuel Prices & FBO Information
  • Flight Plan Filing
  • Search for Points of Interest

At the end of the trial period, we expect you will value the reliability, enhanced cockpit situational awareness and safety our app provides.  The following subscriptions are available:

  • Standard Monthly Plan for $6.99 per month
  • Standard Yearly Plan for $74.99 per year (Save $10)
  • Premium Yearly Plan for $149.99 per year. Approach plates & airport diagrams are geo-referenced.

DroidEFB is an aviation navigation app that runs on Android, the world’s most popular mobile platform.

In the air, this Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) displays your current position and flight plan onto an aviation chart (US only at this time) along with weather information (NEXRAD, winds, PIREPs, SIGMETs, AIRMETs, TAFs, and METARs).

On the ground, tools like weight & balance and flight planning support pilots in their preflight decision making.

DroidEFB introduced ADS-B capability to take advantage of real-time traffic and weather as part of the NEXTGEN aviation system.