DroidEFB Features

DroidEFB Features

Application Features Include

  • POI search to find and save street addresses, business names or partial airport and fix names
  • Georeferenced approach plates & airport diagrams (premium subscription required)
  • NEXRAD and ADS-B traffic (TIS-B) w/supported devices
  • View and plan with surface winds and winds aloft
  • Write or draw on charts and terminal procedures
  • Create, save and sync custom user waypoints
  • Create, save and sync custom Flight Plans
  • Alternate/Redundant data servers
  • Sophisticated weight and balance
  • FBO Fuel Price (100LL; Jet A)
  • Pinch to zoom and measure
  • Store data on External SD
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Legal filing and briefing
  • Grand Canyon Charts
  • Customer support
  • Track Log feature
  • Helicopter Charts
  • Track prediction
  • Auto Logbook
  • SAR patterns
  • A/FD
  • SUA

Weather Display

  • NEXRAD (Internet, MobileLink, ADS-B)
  • SIGMETs and AIRMETs (Internet, MobileLink)
  • PIREPs (Internet, MobileLink, ADS-B)
  • METARs (Internet, MobileLink, ADS-B)
  • TAFs (Internet, MobileLink, ADS-B)
  • Current Icing Potential (Internet)
  • Satellite imagery (MobileLink)
  • Lightning strikes (MobileLink)
  • Freezing levels (MobileLink)
  • NOTAMs (Internet, ADS-B)
  • Area forecast (Internet)
  • Winds (Internet)
  • TFRs (Internet)

Third Party Devices and Programs Include

  • Bluetooth GPS devices (i.e. Dual XGPS150/A and Garmin GLO)
  • Baron MobileLink
  • ZAON XRX Traffic
  • iLevil with AHRS
  • Microsoft FSX
  • Pathfinder
  • SkyRadar
  • XGPS170
  • X-Plane

Also Available on Google Play - runs on Android the world's most popular mobile platform!

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