Subscription Packages

A data subscription is required after the 30 day free trial. Subscriptions are authenticated using the associated Google Wallet account on your Android device.

The standard subscription service, quite possibly the best money a pilot can spend, provides access to data from a variety of sources including FAA and NOAA publicly available information as well as other proprietary data collected by DroidEFB, LLC. Sign up for the premium subscription to get Geo-referenced approach plates and taxi diagrams.

An active subscription is required to download chart, airport and procedure data for offline use, as well as to download Geo-located weather information for use while connect to the Internet.

Pricing options:

$6.99/monthly (Standard), $74.99/yr (Standard) or $149.99/yr (Premium) with Geo-referenced approach plates and airport diagrams. CFI’s subscribed with DroidEFB receive the Premium version for half price or continue using the standard version for free.

Our monthly subscription package $6.99/per month, is only available via the website. For more information on this package and how to subscribe contact customer support.

US Only, VFR and IFR – FAA Approved – Class 1 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) – legal briefing and flight plan filing.

View our online manual for in-depth subscription and application installation instructions.

How many subscriptions do I need?

Once purchased, subscriptions are authenticated using the Google account associated with your Android device.

If you use DroidEFB on both your Samsung tablet and your Nexus phone, for example, you can use just one subscription for both devices. However, if you are a flight department and you have multiple pilots using DroidEFB, you should purchase a subscription for each pilot or contact us to make other arrangements.

How do I access subscription features?

After installing and launching DroidEFB, you can choose the account already created on the device, which must also be associated with your Google Wallet account.

Within DroidEFB, select “Account Login” at anytime to make sure the application is being associated with the proper device account.  If you ever suspect a billing or subscription error, contact us and we will assist you in resolving the problem immediately!

Subscribers can also login to their own subscriber portal where they can access additional subscriber features and download their SkyTracker logs for example.

Login to the Avilution Subscriber Homepage

How do I cancel my subscription?

If for any reason the subscription doesn’t meet your expectations, please let us know what we can do to improve the product! If you still wish to end your subscription however, it can be cancelled at anytime through Google Wallet using the link provided in the original purchase receipt from Google, or by contacting us with your original subscription order number or your gmail account name.

More than you need to know

Please note that your login credentials and payment information are never  shared with DroidEFB staff.  All subscriptions are authenticated via Google who then authenticates you and digitally confirms to us that you are correctly identified.

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