DroidEFB and Open Flight Solutions Partner To Reduce GA Costs, Enhance Safety

Oshkosh, WI – DroidEFB, the leading electronic flight bag application for the Android mobile platform, and Open Flight Solutions, makers of the popular multi-function FlightBox ADS-B and GPS receiver today announced the formation of a strategic partnership to provide a simpler and more integrated flight experience.

With a common goal to serve customers and expand service, we are working to deliver high quality products and features including:

  • Adding FlightBox status and firmware update functionality to DroidEFB
  • Using FlightBox as a gateway between DroidEFB and autopilots
  • Incorporate upcoming FlightBox features and upgrades in DroidEFB

“DroidEFB and FlightBox serve a similar segment of the aviation market. By creating a comprehensive integration, Open Flight and DroidEFB can help improve aviation safety at a price point every pilot can afford,” said Steve Sokol, founder and CEO of Open Flight Solutions. “The current version of FlightBox offers ADS-B weather and traffic, WAAS GPS, attitude and altitude. Upcoming enhancements to the two products will provide an aircraft equipped with a complete set of backup instruments, adding the equivalent of a modern EFIS to a legacy aircraft for a fraction of the current cost.”

“Our combined resources will enhance our ability to innovate and deliver a unique combination of mobile products,” said Paul Coleman, CEO of DroidEFB.

Integration efforts will get underway following AirVenture 2017, with the goal of producing an initial release in the fall of 2017. Additional features and integrations will follow.

About DroidEFB, LLC – The DroidEFB flight planning and navigation application for Android is owned and managed by a dedicated team of pilots and software engineers. The name reflects our longstanding focus and expertise: creating the best app available focused on Android devices. We are committed to providing a product that is technologically advanced and easy to use, with consistent, reliable updates and improvements.

About Open Flight Solutions – Open Flight Solutions, based in Liberty, Missouri, is dedicated to the idea that aviation technology does not have to be expensive. Open Flight’s premier product is FlightBox, a multi-function ADS-B receiver which has changed the market dynamics for portable avionics.