About Us

About Us


DroidEFB, LLC and the DroidEFB flight planning and navigation application for Android is owned and managed by the pilots and software engineers who created the original version of the app – Avilution’s AviationMaps – Jacek Duda, Mark Spencer and Paul Coleman.

The name reflects our longstanding focus and expertise: creating the best app available focused on Android devices.  We want the thousands of pilots across the country and tens of thousands of pilots around the world to know that we are catering to their specific platforms while delivering the best user experience possible.

DroidEFB, LLC is designed to be pilot-focused and responsive to our customers.  We are committed to providing a product that is technologically advanced and easy to use, with consistent, reliable updates and improvements.

Our company and app will continue to evolve with interface improvements and features while maintaining consistent service and operability.

Jacek, Mark and Paul

Runs on Android, the world’s most popular mobile platform!